315 Pine Street

South Dayton, New York 14138


FAX:  716-988-3820

A Little Bit About Us

The Mustard Seed Restaurant came into being not only to provide beautiful,
healthy food to those who enter its doors, but to provide a place to gather
that is warm, friendly and comfortable for all who enter.


It is owned and operated by 3 faith filled women (the Loaves) together with
the support of husbands (the Fishes!), friends and the community.


We believe in using whole foods and locally grown produce and products when
they are available to us.


We make several of our own breads from organic flours, and we make our own
desserts from the best ingredients available. We are also proud to use
"Buelah Land Farm's" grass-fed, hormone-free beef.
(They are also very well-treated happy cows!)



We also believe very strongly in supporting the communities that support us.10% of the profits of each meal that you purchase goes into a special account and is used to support families, persons and organizations who have a need